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by v3rd3
11 Jan 2016, 23:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Graphics Cards
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Re: Graphics Cards

These days graphics cards purchases are really driven by either budget or by specific requirements for any programs you run. For example, if you want to run photoshop all you need for graphics is a video card with a minimum of 512mb of memory that can support 1024x768 resolution using Open GL2.0. Ad...
by v3rd3
11 Jan 2016, 21:22
Forum: Off Topic..
Topic: R.I.P. David !
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Re: R.I.P. David !

A sad passing. David Bowie was an amazing talent and I appreciated the diversity in his art.
by v3rd3
25 Dec 2015, 03:55
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Merry Christmas
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Re: Merry Christmas

Merry Xmas all. Best wishes for 2016.
by v3rd3
10 Dec 2015, 15:18
Forum: Materials
Topic: Animated texture broken in tS7.6 ?
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Re: Animated texture broken in tS7.6 ?

Thanks for posting Emmanuel... it is good to know about that glitch
by v3rd3
03 Nov 2015, 18:09
Forum: Off Topic..
Topic: Windows 10 is really a very strange beast....
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Re: Windows 10 is really a very strange beast....

Did you all hear that MS will make the decision for you? The plan is to push Windows 10 as a Windows update. They claim you will have a chance to stop the installation before it begins but... well ... you know how much I trust these guys. Why buy a license that lasts for years when you could be payi...
by v3rd3
03 Nov 2015, 06:25
Forum: Work in Progress
Topic: SVG import
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Re: SVG import

Clinton your contributions continue to astound me... thank you so much.
by v3rd3
27 Sep 2015, 22:14
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Bazillion Visitors to Forum?
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Re: Bazillion Visitors to Forum?

Or the great Windows 10 consipiracy
by v3rd3
29 Aug 2015, 06:35
Forum: Truespace Model Side
Topic: Reference mapping tutorial
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Re: Reference mapping tutorial

Thanks for pulling this info together Cellulo... I really appreciate it.
by v3rd3
20 Aug 2015, 02:21
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Topic: win 10
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Re: win 10

Another thing I just heard about is that win10 will remove any software or game win10 deems to be illegitimate. It is part of the EULA that you agree to when you click "install".
by v3rd3
12 Aug 2015, 21:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Ask Garry Trinder for TS source code
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Re: Ask Garry Trinder for TS source code

You have a difficult job Peter.... your eyes must be very sore after you take those pics.... ')