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by v3rd3
28 Jul 2017, 20:09
Forum: Work in Progress
Topic: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles
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Re: Finis' Experiments and Scribbles

Cyberpower is a good brand ... I use APC by Schneider electric... ... 6842101393

I have an earlier model of this one I bought about 8 years ago and it still runs great and I have had no need to change the batteries.
by v3rd3
21 Jul 2017, 18:53
Forum: Blender
Topic: Blender Fork Bforartists Version 0.9.0
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Re: Blender Fork Bforartists Version 0.9.0

Downloading and can't wait to try it... welcome back Tiles.
by v3rd3
10 Jul 2017, 01:27
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Tomas Bujnak
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Re: Tomas Bujnak

My condolences to his family. A talent like his will be missed.
by v3rd3
04 Jul 2017, 01:26
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Website and Forums Progress Report
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Re: Website and Forums Progress Report

I love the new look... it's so .... creamy!!!!!
by v3rd3
04 Jul 2017, 01:25
Forum: Off Topic..
Topic: I almost died
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Re: I almost died

Thank God you are ok... get well soon.
by v3rd3
20 Jun 2017, 15:48
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: VOTE: PHPBB Themes
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Re: VOTE: PHPBB Themes

I prefer the darker themes as they are easier on my old eyes..... Creamy and jungle forest type also work well ... they are not that bright that they hurt my eyes.
by v3rd3
31 May 2017, 03:41
Forum: Off Topic..
Topic: Short Term Plans
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Re: Short Term Plans

If you want to look at other editors you might consider: Lightworks.... free version leading to a "pro" version... the free version is open source. The web site does a good job of blowing their horn.... high end for sure Wax is freeware that has been around a long time and it h...
by v3rd3
30 Apr 2017, 04:47
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: WelI learnd something... !
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Re: WelI learnd something... !

Sorry to hear of your loss Peter. I know you were devoted to your family and this is a big change in your life. I like the workflow suggestion ... it makes a lot of sense. I have to admit I had the zeal at one point to start everything from scratch, but as you say this takes up a lot of time repeati...
by v3rd3
21 Feb 2017, 00:13
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: SculptGL - Free and Fun
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Re: SculptGL - Free and Fun

Thanks for the link.... looks like fun.
by v3rd3
17 Jan 2017, 10:50
Forum: Work in Progress
Topic: Dragn Droppin's
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Re: Dragn Droppin's

Drew go to this website and download speccy . The sw will profile your machine and give you some temperature readings. Also, can you tell us the make and model of your computer case. If you are overheating with that kind of cpu you need to have enough fans and vents t...