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by Rhino169
03 Dec 2009, 16:23
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Topic: Animation scroll widget
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Animation scroll widget

Is there a way to have a scene that is an animation of the construction of a building with control features that maybe get displayed in a trueplace atmosphere? Let's say similar to what you might find when a contractor put a camera at a site and films the daily that at the beginning...
by Rhino169
29 Nov 2009, 14:57
Forum: TechForum
Topic: Extracting object data from truespace into excel
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Extracting object data from truespace into excel

I have been playing around with Google Sketch up and they had a feature where you could export a .csv file to excel about custom object information. This information is created by setting up custom attributes for objects such as cost, part number, etc.. I figure in the link editor I could use the pa...