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by Emmanuel
16 Aug 2009, 18:13
Forum: Bugs and Workarounds
Topic: Modelside python sample errors
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Re: Modelside python sample errors

Great ! Thanks for the trick Clinton !!! I tried to load a python script the other day... and it failed. I was sorry about that and wondered what was wrong for a moment. Would you allow me to copy the trick on my tS plugins archive page ? I plan to copy some good python scripts there in the future...
by Emmanuel
16 Aug 2009, 18:12
Forum: Work in Progress
Topic: TrueParticles question.
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Re: TrueParticles question.

In tS, Model side, you can : 1- paint a plane with an animated picture and set its size according to the animated footage ratio/scale (like 4:3), 2- open a new 3D window, set its size at the same ratio (like 800x600 pixels) 3- use the ZoomToFit plugin to make the 3D windows frame to match the "backg...
by Emmanuel
16 Aug 2009, 17:53
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: Question for professionals
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Re: Question for professionals

Almost the same story here : trueSpace is still my primary tool, and is my only 3D tool. Most of my work is about 3D visualisation for architects and industrial project offices. But I also offer movies and websites. To start my business, 10 years ago, I only sent emails to 5 companies. Two of them r...
by Emmanuel
16 Aug 2009, 17:38
Forum: Scripts and SDK
Topic: Developing tS 6.6 (Modeler) PlugIns in a Basic Language
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Re: Developing tS 6.6 (Modeler) PlugIns in a Basic Language

Oooooh ! This looks VERY interesting. You deserve a huge thank you for this awesome work :superbanana: :superbanana: :superbanana: I have plenty of plugins ideas in mind but a very little knowledge of C++... so this could be the chance to make my dreams come true ! At the moment I am rather busy but...
by Emmanuel
24 Jun 2009, 05:50
Forum: New Users
Topic: animation paths
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Re: animation paths

The Matrix is on Workspace side. Never trust the Matrix, or you will loose your job... hehe, I never miss a chance to run down the WS :twisted: More seriously, Xtetra, I think that the Roll Object in Curves (Bank) can't be keyframed. As far as I know that setting is for the whole animation only... A...
by Emmanuel
15 Jun 2009, 18:29
Forum: Game Development
Topic: When texturing models TS moves bitmaps to it's own directory
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Re: When texturing models TS moves bitmaps to it's own directory

When I load the 3DS into my engine the texture path comes from where TS was installed. ie: trueSpace76\tS\Rs Main Libraries\Bitmaps - Base\texture.jpg Is there any way to have TS just reference the path I provide? I have all textures well organized in my own asset directories required by my game. T...