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08 Jul 2009, 05:05
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Topic: Best Practices for using the Bridge
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Re: Best Practices for using the Bridge

Sorry Mate - I somehow missed your post! I'll try to answer your questions now though. Re "but when you are working in WS and you go to save your scene, do you save as the old .scn". I did this at first thinking the more saved versions I had the more backup I had. What I found however was that I sim...
23 May 2009, 08:41
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Topic: Welcome to all newcomers
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Re: Welcome to all newcomers

Augusto you are SOOOO The Man! Thanks for setting this up and so quickly too! I'm setting up a new forum on my site too but I'm not as fast as you! My forum has a wider span than just the tS community but I hope to see a few of you over there. It'll go live in the next day or two. Meanwhile, nice to...