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by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:59
Forum: Finished ArtWork
Topic: Weevil back Catalogue
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Re: Weevil back Catalogue

Really good work, simpy amazing! :shock:

Not only the model, but the render and composition, that's a great part of the job.
by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:52
Forum: Finished ArtWork
Topic: Megalith
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Re: Megalith

And the ligthing looks really cool (or warm, should I say) Nice render!
by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:49
Forum: Finished ArtWork
Topic: Amethyst Revisited
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Re: Amethyst Revisited

The cristal looks verey good. Good job!
by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:45
Forum: Finished ArtWork
Topic: Ancient Watcher
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Re: Ancient Watcher

Nice image, it would be impressive to see this at a real sea.
by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:40
Forum: Finished ArtWork
Topic: Castell Coch - Revived!
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Re: Castell Coch - Revived!

Perhaphs you should try to make some renders with a good lighting.

There is a lot of work, Im sure you will enjoy a good render too. ;)
by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:37
Forum: Finished ArtWork
Topic: Old warehouse
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Re: Old warehouse

Yeap, nice and dramatic lighting.
by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:36
Forum: Finished ArtWork
Topic: My last "Artwork" is finished
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Re: My last "Artwork" is finished

I'm sorry to contradict you, its and will be a Work in progress. :D
by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:33
Forum: Finished ArtWork
Topic: TS 3.2 Library Creation
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Re: TS 3.2 Library Creation

I'm sure it gave you a good basis and a joy for 3D. :D
by Rafa
26 Oct 2009, 05:10
Forum: SMC
Topic: SMC #50 - Snow Globe
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Re: SMC #50 - Snow Globe

Here is my snowball with no snow :D Same, the refraction is verey tricky. I'm not really happy with the result. I coudn't get rid of a double refraction on the air bubble. I modeled several options, glass on one side, water on another, several materials and refraction indexes... And the colour of th...
by Rafa
19 Oct 2009, 19:46
Forum: Links, Tips, and Hints
Topic: Some notes about Environment Maps, Hdri and stuff
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Some notes about Environment Maps, Hdri and stuff

Hi. Another tutorial I did some time ago. I think its usefull to understand this topics a little more." onclick=";return false; I did the grayscale 3D photo with a plug in for TrueSpace. I can not find it anymore. That's a ...