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by spacekdet
Yesterday, 13:06
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Topic: Space really is 3D
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Space really is 3D

3D models of the ESA spacecraft fleet and a few heavenly bodies thrown in because why not.
by spacekdet
13 Apr 2019, 18:24
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Topic: Steinie's U3DA Game "What is it?"
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Re: Steinie's U3DA Game "What is it?"

"Balls!" said the Queen, "If I had them, I'd be King!" ... tland.html
by spacekdet
23 Mar 2019, 04:20
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Topic: Happy Birthday Finis!
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Re: Happy Birthday Finis!

Asking the important questions:
What flavor was the cake?
by spacekdet
20 Mar 2019, 02:57
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Topic: Stopping Shadows against walls
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Re: Stopping Shadows against walls

Right Click GE icon to open options panel. Have you experimented with those settings? Are you using an an actual HDRI image for the light? Does it do the same thing using a different environment image? Tried changing the Environment Type? Samples/ sample angle? You can smooth out infinite /local lig...
by spacekdet
09 Mar 2019, 14:39
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Topic: Movies and TV
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Re: Movies and TV

When I saw the trailer all I could think of was ....
"It's fun, to charter an accountant!"

by spacekdet
07 Mar 2019, 16:28
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Topic: Forum Software Updated Aug 2018
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Re: Forum Software Updated Aug 2018

weird. Following the link you provided put me on the page in a 'signed out' state.
Searched the topic and was able to view it while in 'signed in' state; looks like I was able to edit it if I wanted to.
I see you are also online /viewing it, did you already figure it out/ are you able to edit now?
by spacekdet
26 Feb 2019, 03:52
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Topic: Song Of The Day
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Re: Song Of The Day

No one is interested in something you didn't do.
This one really brings out the Canadian in me.
by spacekdet
23 Feb 2019, 17:14
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Topic: Mix Pix From The Stix
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Re: Mix Pix From The Stix

Removed the snow off the roof, then move the piles away from the walls. Fun stuff.
See it LRG: ... 6_176.jpeg
by spacekdet
20 Feb 2019, 15:56
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Topic: The U3DA Kitchen
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Re: The U3DA Kitchen

Be careful, deer.
by spacekdet
14 Feb 2019, 15:20
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Topic: Halleluiah!
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Re: Halleluiah!

trueSpace, forever and ever, amen.