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by spacekdet
Yesterday, 18:34
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: *.TGA and *.PSD thumbnails in Win 10
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*.TGA and *.PSD thumbnails in Win 10

So, are we just not gonna talk about why I can't see thumbnails of these file types?
C'mon, you guys (I'm looking at you, MS and Adobe).... get your feces coagulated.

What is anyone using to get around this issue and pros/cons of it, please.
by spacekdet
13 Jan 2020, 17:47
Forum: tS 6.6
Topic: Re-Installing Symbiont
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Re-Installing Symbiont

So... where do the *.dstc (the Darktree Shader files from the Darktree Repository) go?
by spacekdet
06 Jan 2020, 19:52
Forum: General Discussion
Topic: The Myth of the Keyboard Shortcut & the Cure For It >>>
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Re: The Myth of the Keyboard Shortcut & the Cure For It >>>

Keycuts are a hit with me, not a myth. Stabbing a key is faster than mousing no matter how close the toolbar is. Having Move Rotate Scale, World Object Screen co-ords and Axis toggles adjacent is also nice. I tried a thumb ball mouse for a while. I found it's nice for everything except 3D- I ended u...
by spacekdet
04 Jan 2020, 20:18
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Topic: Best to go back to broadband cable >>>
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Re: Best to go back to broadband cable >>>

Go back? I never left.

I also enjoy microwave popcorn, so there's that sorted.
by spacekdet
23 Dec 2019, 16:33
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Topic: Rosetta Rocks
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Rosetta Rocks

What's it really all about? ... tta-stone/

And even after all these years, looking at the LE is as incomprehensible to me as looking at ancient hieroglyphs!
by spacekdet
21 Dec 2019, 06:44
Forum: Artists Folder
Topic: Kdet's Space
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Kdet's Space

Better late than never, or maybe not. Finally get some play time with tS and loaded up random old scene, set up a different viewpoint, jiggled a couple things around, crashed about 20 times attempting to render first in tS6.6, and finally in 7.6 it coughed this up. Sooo... I'm not skunked on # of re...
by spacekdet
19 Dec 2019, 21:16
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Topic: Song Of The Day
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Re: Song Of The Day

Here is a nice Christmas carol:
by spacekdet
19 Dec 2019, 16:39
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Topic: Mix Pix From The Stix
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Re: Mix Pix From The Stix

Early winter mood.


Just realized I hadn't updated my photoblog since January 2019. Ooops.
Took care of that and here is one of the galleries I added, with a decidedly warmer theme:
by spacekdet
28 Nov 2019, 20:18
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Topic: Turkey
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Re: Turkey

Wait, that's today? I had a feeling I forgot something.
by spacekdet
09 Nov 2019, 01:17
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Topic: 3D Artists Reporting Back
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Re: 3D Artists Reporting Back

Proof of life.