Steinie's Helpful Links for Truespace---FREE!

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Steinie's Helpful Links for Truespace---FREE!

Postby Steinie » 21 May 2009, 17:48

Links that you might need one day using TrueSpace.

trueSpace 7.61 ... pace.shtml
or ... 80035.html

trueSpace 7.61Beta

trueSpace 7.6 ... ?tag=mncol

trueSpace FAQ's

Caligari Forum Archive

Moonman Links for trueSpace

TrueSpace TSX Archive (Bringing them back from the dead)

Mayang's Free Textures

Photoshop Free Textures

Grunge Free Textures

Texture King Free Textures

Car Blueprints

Human Body Reference and Textures

Ultimate 3D Links (with trueSpace section)

"Photorealistic Texturing" and
"What size should my Textures be?"

Shader Plugin Simbiont 2.51 for TS 5-7
Shader Files

Rendering Ideas

Steinie's 2nd Baker's Dozen:

Transit Vehicle Objects-- Trains and Buses:

Various Vehicle Models---Cars, Tanks, Buses Trucks etc

Animation World Network

Sound Effects

Create your own Truespace demo

So your work using TrueSpace is the Cream of the Crop? Want to play with the Big Boys? Prove it! Submit here:

Inside Tips on How to get a Job in the 3D World

"The" place for Digital Pros...Watch out Lucas!

More Very Cool Reference Photos

Steinie's Third Bakers Dozen

Create your own vegetation: Plant Studio

Galaxies, Solar Systems and Stars oh my:

Make Human

Awesome Low Poly Modeling, Texturing, Tutorials and Videos

The Morque (Another Object Reference Site, free use for Commercial purposes too)

aniBoom (Amateur Animator's Dreamsite!)

Tree Generator V1.2 is Free

Are You Creative In YOUR Work?

Steinie's Fourth Bakers Dozen:

Can't Afford Photoshop?

CoolPower Plugins

Scatter Plugin

The Masters (The Old Masters dedicated their lives recreating form and beauty, be inspired!)

Realism at it's best (A Fanatastic Artist, modeling, texturing, finest details, WOW!)

Ivy Generator

Really Cool Gallery and Latest 3D Job Listings, Nice Site to explore.

Steinie's Fifth Bakers Dozen

Tree Generation Application by Stanford Computer Science Department

Tree Generator by Frecle "Tree [d]

Kerkythea 2008 Echo--Physically accurate material and lights standalone Renderer

Using trueSpace with Kerkythea tutorial

Dreamy Photo
Stand Alone Program or Photoshop Plugin gives your Renderings a "Dreamy Look"

A Study of Animation Backgrounds

DX Shaderpack for trueSpace 7.6 (Marcel Barthel/Parva)

Lighting School ... index.html

xNormal: generate normal/ambient occlusion/parallax displacement/ relief maps

Guerilla 3D Training Videos

Magazine Covers

Prodigy's List of Free HDRI sites ... &Itemid=54 ... exture.htm
JackEdwards List:

Steinies Sixth Bakers Dozen:

Image Batch Resizer/Viewer

Search the Net for Sound Effects "Find Sounds"

Sites dedicated to keeping Caligari/TrueSpace Alive!


Spacekdet's Tutorial Collection

Emmanuel's TSX Archive Project

Caligari trueSpace Forum Archive

Caligari Website Archive (Wayback Machine)*/

trueSpace and VRay documentation online ... &x=29&y=16

Caligari Tutorials
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Re: Links that you might need one day using TrueSpace ---FREE!

Postby DesignDevil » 22 May 2009, 09:25

Here you can find my video tutorials for TrueSpace and also my list of available plugins for TrueSpace 6.6 (or Modeler site):

I got checked all links and i have the most of these plugins on my pc. If any link doesn't work or you have any problem with one of these plugins ( example: where can i find a tutorial to this plugin or any other problem ), feel free to contact me with a PM or with the form on the site.
I still use TrueSpace 6.6
Link: My Youtube Channel
Link: - Plugins, Tutorials and more about TrueSpace 6.6
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Re: Steinie's Helpful Links for Truespace---FREE!

Postby LeonRegis » 05 May 2010, 10:45

Here some textures for planets, with elevation/bump include!

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Re: Steinie's Helpful Links for Truespace---FREE!

Postby bobtraky » 18 Feb 2014, 15:38

Hi Steinie,
I am an Italian Truespace fan from '80 and i do hate Microsoft the Truespace killer to have kill the best 3d software ever written. I am 60' and i am using truespace almost every day .
I write to you to thank for your Truespace interess and i would like to ask if you can give me some info about
how to write Truespace PlugIn and Script.
I would like to know your thougth about the reason why Microsoft bougth Caligari ...
Your answer will be appretiate.
Thanks again
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Re: Steinie's Helpful Links for Truespace---FREE!

Postby Steinie » 18 Feb 2014, 18:07

Welcome Roberto,
Why Microsoft was interested in Caligari was explained pretty well in this article: ... ual-earth/

The person in charge of the project at Microsoft was well aware of Roman's accomplishments. Microsoft wanted to
move forward with Web based 3D and Caligari's programmers including Roman was a perfect fit. With all further development stopped on trueSpace I asked Roman if he could at least release the "Beta" version of trueSpace before the doors closed. Thankfully he did finally release 7.61 beta.

I do not write plug-ins or write scripts. My recommendations would be Froo (Jason) who has written plug-ins, Clintonman and trueBlue but there are probably others here too I have forgotten. (I believe they now have a web meeting place)

edit: Stan, DesignDevil and Fenerit also should be watched. There are more I'm sure.
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Re: Steinie's Helpful Links for Truespace---FREE!

Postby Draise » 18 Feb 2014, 20:57

Interesting. Thanks Steinie for your voice during that case - and for helping in keeping this alive. I was awol during that whole ordeal traveling the world. I missed out, arrived back to my country, then realized TS had been shut down.... bummer.
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Re: Steinie's Helpful Links for Truespace---FREE!

Postby Cellulo » 22 Feb 2014, 13:23

Thanks Steinie, big resources for truespace users, hope one day trueSpace will be open source.
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Re: Steinie's Helpful Links for Truespace---FREE!

Postby Finis » 17 Jun 2014, 18:16

No time to research these but they look like high res textures for bricks and such. ... wolfswaard

Netherlands = language difficulty. Bricks and tiles. They might be seamless. There are "alpha" images too that could be used as bump maps. Someone with time to translate can probably find out how to get image catalogs or such. Their sites in other languages don't have this.
This might be a catalog or selector ... lbakstenen
This might be a generator ... em-hv.html


There are texture links on the details tabs of these brick textures. They are large png files. They might be seamless.
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