• Old tree
    Old tree
    A new tree modeled with trueSpace.
  • Nigec

    Gargoyle: Zbrush, Sculptis, Sketchup, Thea render.

  • Marcel Delord
    Marcel Delord
  • Aquarium
    By: Mikom Programs used: -trueSpace 7 (Aquarium Model + details - plants - render) -Sculptris (Fish, rocks, castle, wood, corals) -Bryce 7 (Background) -The GIMP (Textures - post work)
  • Pugman 1

    Audi R8

Read more: The U3DA Graphic Art Challenge Jan 2014 - Fantasy / Science Fiction World

The challenge for this month will be for you to create a scene with a fantasy or sci-fi setting. The scene must feature a unique style/architecture for your world and at least one character. It does not matter whether the render is photo-realistic or stylized. A back-story for your character/render is encouraged but not required. Artwork for inspiration can be found in the forum competition thread.

The rules for this challenge:

      • - Any software allowed.
      • - Limited non-essential pre-made models are allowed for developing your scene. DAZ / Poser models for your character, if you choose to make one that is humanoid, are also allowed (Modification encouraged).
      • - You are limited to one entry.
      • - Do not use an existing fantasy / sci-fi universe for your entry (Star Wars, Middle Earth, etc)
      • - Please include a wire-frame with your render (Max 1080p).

Please use this thread for submitting entries only. Submit your W.I.P threads (if you choose to make one) and comments here.

Deadline: 02/02/2014 Voting will start the day after and the poll will run for a week. Ideas/Examples:

Read more: Forum Online
Read more: Forum Online The forum is back online. Enjoy!

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